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Why when we purchase something the followers is going down? Do we sacrifice them for upgrades?

Exactly :D

Oh, ok

is there any other "edition"?

There isn't and probably won't be :/ 

I moved on to a new game idea - :) 


I got to 1b and 150km! Nice game

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Very nice and creative game for a short time. Impressive work only for the weekend. Hopefully I'll see more awsome games from you!


Uh, sorry?


Something shady is going on...

Hehe :D 

looks like a toilet lol

Nice little game. I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up that isn't just colored bars but for what it is it works.

I did have a plan on expanding upon this idea but it run out of steam and wasn't that much fun. I'm working on a new game tho (prototype/game jam edition) for which I'm making a full version now :) 

great game! could definetly use some work and it would help if you go back to it post-jam and fix some things, but it was really impresive

Nice idea! Really great feedback and clear progression! Love it!

I've passed the Karman line :) Nice game

This is a cool idea. I really like the idea of making changes to a bunch of stats and seeing how things change in real-time. Very cool and would love to see this sort of style applied elsewhere.

Very nice game !
I think I beat it ;)
(Accuracy seems really overpowered to me compared to the others)

Congratulations! ;) It's not well balanced but I'll be improving that while expanding this game ;) 

There is an invisible block here

Ya, I saw that while I was developing but didn't have time to investigate/debug/fix :D 

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Cool idea! I liked seeing my mountain get smarter if that makes sense. Also liked the achievement system. You should expand upon it further! 

Wish I could scroll down to see my mountain.

Thanks, glad you liked it :) I'll be working on it further and hopefully it turns into a proper game :)


Well done for a Jam game - really expect more content here as I enjoyed this little concept, so hope you expand on it!

Thanks, I know it's very short but I have decided to keep working on it :)