Soul Not Found is an incremental game with idle and offline progress!


Necromancer who has just lost the great war is ready to rebuild his armies and fight his way back to the top. In the process, he finds his conscience and is changing his way of life to become a righteous necromancer together with his willing dead.


  • 6 undead units;
  • 10+ unique skills;
  • 75+ trophies/achievements;
  • Idle and Offline progression;
  • Premium Theme unlocked by reaching all trophies (or having Coil membership);

Full Version

This is the Game Jam Edition which I made for js13kgames jam which requires your game size not to exceed 13312 bytes (essentially, an empty Word document).

I'm working on a full version of the game! You can join the waitlist and my discord server to be the first to play it!


  • Cash, crowned skull, swords emblem, padlock, bookmarklet, trophy, haunting, grim reaper, evil bat icon by Lorc under CC BY 3.0;
  • Yin yang, mummy head and vampire dracula icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0;
  • Death skull icon by sbed under CC BY 3.0;
Updated 21 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMartin Tale
TagsClicker, Idle, Incremental, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Discord, Buy me a Coffee, Source code

Development log


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the skill upgrades keep flickering in and out of existence too fast to register me clicking on them...

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This is so much fun and I maybe upgrading the skeleton skill so much that I have close to a million skely


im at 1 qa lol

Hey Martin Tale, how do you like your coffee?


As a tea :D

ah, so you prefer french press style?


If it presses tea then yes :D 

Is this game still being worked on?


This one - no, but we're making a sequel :)

What happened to my save? All my progress just got reset.

Idk same happened here

are vampires any good?


The wiki doesn't work. I would really appreciate tips on how to get the hidden T3 achievements


Yep, wiki was removed for some reason :( 

You can find all tips in Discord -

Thank you


Is something up with Defense scaling? I've been investing into Defense for the past ocuple resets, but my skeleton Defense when I start each round is the same at 324.77%. 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I think there's a visual bug with that works correctly under the hood but in the info panel is slightly wrong :) which is only a bug during initial floors I think on each reset

What's that button next to the "?" Button with the emoji?

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It's theme switcher :) Unlocks after you complete Tier 1 trophies ;)

Ok thx

Ok thx

Ok thx

Ok thx

Woop woop 100 defence!!!

Day 2 have the skeleton and zombie and almost have the Wight generators and unlocked bone dragon all at lv.19


Luv the game


oranges are cool



hello :)


WOAHHHH NO WAYYYY!! thank you SO much uwu i love your game btw. it's so fun and all of my friends are competing with me o.o


do the soul colours impact things like attack, defence and generation rates or is it cosmetic.

Just cosmetic :) 


Lies and betrayal!

 (In the 3rd stage there are trophies that require specific colour combinations) 

Hehe :D Forgot about that :)


lol why does the “premium theme” look so hideous. I’d be so mad if I paid for that.

I mean you're not wrong but still, rude

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yoooo 1 bi skeletons


2t skeletons lessgoo


a quad skeletonsss


Got to stage 204 atm with things costing 100k Qa, and on T2 challenges. Enjoying the game so far.


Love this game


I've been following the game for about a year now, I'm waiting for the next update to review it again and see what changes have been made, Hoping for better balance regarding the upgrades / prestige : ) Happy Xmas.

how can I get good quick?

idle just make want you want the most then do something else


I think you should make a   pc app for steam or desktop

There will be a steam version of the new game ;) 


Hey, I'm just wondering if anybody can help me? I verified my email but it still says that I have 0 souls. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?


Sorry about that. Those are "Waitlist" souls which you can see in when you login with your email. Game souls are different and can only be acquired through playing :) I should have named them differently :D 

Yeah, the "waitlist" souls are the ones I'm talking about. I logged in and received the verification email but it still won't give me the souls.

If you're in our discord then ping me there or you can send me an email to Either way, I will sort it out for you ;) 

Ok, thank you sooooo much. :)


how do  wights and Grim reapers actually generates xp/skeletons? Are they slowly doing so overtime or give me a bonus amount of xp/skeletons based on the remaining foes?


They generate exp while out of combat :) 

note: wights only generate XP during combat before you get the stage 2 wight special achievement

I'm not sure what happened, but I can't seem to play anymore?


Not sure what happened there :( Were you far along, if not you can try to clear localstorage/cookies for the game or try playing on


pretty fun game


Great game, mate!

the secret trophies in tier 3 don’t have any kind of bonus?like in tier 1 and tier 2??


Nop, they are just for fun and dedication for completionists like me :D 

Oh ok haha

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.;-; how did my premium theme open even though I haven’t completed all tier 3 trophies yet?

You only have to complete Tier 1 to unlock it ;)

wut?!XDD I never noticed

can anyone please give me hints for 2 tier 3 trophies?..silver chalice and the hound 

You can find them in spoilers section at ;)

Ohh thnx ;)

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URL no longer works says

"Not a valid community" could someone share some secret trophy tips, Ive only gotten silver chalice

(Copied the makers words)

"Yep, wiki was removed for some reason :( 

You can find all tips in Discord - "

Is coin production based off of level of exp, or the stage number?

Stage number ;)

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Thanks! :)


Game is so cool! I love you, developer! Very good idle game! Game in development? You can add new updates? please, you cool!

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also…another suggestion..if you could add something like a storyline every 100 lvl till 400 then every 25 lvls or something like that it’d be awesome…because if you unlock all the trophies and such it becomes a bit monotonous.thnx ;)


There won't be a storyline in this game but I'm working on a sequel which will feature that ;) 

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ohh nice!!I’m looking forward to it ^^

umm…ok I’m facing a few issues-1)when I’m fighting,the fight is rly slower than normal..(it’s lagging) and 2) when I click on skills the whole game hangs…the money and generation keeps working but I’m not able to click on anything else…it’ll be helpful if you could tell what to do..thnx ^^


Just wait a little bit and it should improve or enter the battle and let your wights die as they are causing the issue (I think) where you're gaining levels too quickly and it locks the buy buttons on skills menu :) 

oh ok..the wights we’re giving levels like 10/s that might’ve been the cause thnx 

you can bypass the problem by using an auto clicker to click abt 3 times with an inhumanly short interval; I use iMouseTrick.

is there any upper limit for the stages??

There is not :) 

oh thnx for the info ^^

Uh, so basically I was idling and somehow I got the achievement, "Reach Morality" and now I'm confused, lmao

Oh wait nvm, I got it now

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I feed like there should be two more features…toggle auto generator and speed up battle…in tier 2/3 trophy rewards…cuz the tier 2 speciality(increase def) makes it rly annoying when the game is stretched out just cuz you have a few of unwanted undeads…and also necromancy’s level limit should be removed or made to 50/100.

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best course of action according to me-once you reach morality focus on activating zombie/vampire first…then wight and then other troops


Time to generate does not go lower than 1 per 1.0 sec, when the generation rate of monsters becomes less than 1 second

Be patient…after a few reset u’ll reach farther and farther.

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