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Game is so cool! I love you, developer! Very good idle game! Game in development? You can add new updates? please, you cool!

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also…another suggestion..if you could add something like a storyline every 100 lvl till 400 then every 25 lvls or something like that it’d be awesome…because if you unlock all the trophies and such it becomes a bit monotonous.thnx ;)


There won't be a storyline in this game but I'm working on a sequel which will feature that ;) 

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ohh nice!!I’m looking forward to it ^^

umm…ok I’m facing a few issues-1)when I’m fighting,the fight is rly slower than normal..(it’s lagging) and 2) when I click on skills the whole game hangs…the money and generation keeps working but I’m not able to click on anything else…it’ll be helpful if you could tell what to do..thnx ^^


Just wait a little bit and it should improve or enter the battle and let your wights die as they are causing the issue (I think) where you're gaining levels too quickly and it locks the buy buttons on skills menu :) 

oh ok..the wights we’re giving levels like 10/s that might’ve been the cause thnx 

you can bypass the problem by using an auto clicker to click abt 3 times with an inhumanly short interval; I use iMouseTrick.

is there any upper limit for the stages??

There is not :) 

oh thnx for the info ^^

Uh, so basically I was idling and somehow I got the achievement, "Reach Morality" and now I'm confused, lmao

Oh wait nvm, I got it now

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I feed like there should be two more features…toggle auto generator and speed up battle…in tier 2/3 trophy rewards…cuz the tier 2 speciality(increase def) makes it rly annoying when the game is stretched out just cuz you have a few of unwanted undeads…and also necromancy’s level limit should be removed or made to 50/100.

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best course of action according to me-once you reach morality focus on activating zombie/vampire first…then wight and then other troops


Time to generate does not go lower than 1 per 1.0 sec, when the generation rate of monsters becomes less than 1 second

Be patient…after a few reset u’ll reach farther and farther.


There is a bug in the game if you get the skill for upgrading the skeleton regeneration rate and don't upgrade it, it causes the auto generator to not work

it’s not really a bug 

Really? This is my longer explanation: There is a base level of monster generation that happens before the upgrade is gotten for improving the speed of generating monsters. After the monster generator is gotten, that stops because the upgrade program can't handle a value of 0, and because of that, makes the monster generation at 0 speed.

If that is not a bug, explain why it is not one.

It starts over the generation lvl 0 means 0% of initial generation rate…lvl k means 5k% of initial generation rate.

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i lost the link to this game. So i asked my friend and they gave me the lik and i lost all my progress... I was at lvl 186

Stage # = around 500

( Very Addictive Game tho ) Not Gonna Lie

that sucks

;-; seriously?how did ya even get to stage 500 at lvl 186…it must be the other way round lol





Pretty interesting game, even though it's easy to figure out, a tutorial or similar would be appreciated. This should totally be a mobile game if it isn't already. 


Off line progress seem to be bugged.

My unit no longer attacks after I have closed the browser.  I had a few Qa skeletons, and at least a few hundred m reaper at stage 230~239 last week. I have 4k atk and 700k def, so it should be enough to power through a lot of stages. I logged on this  week and it is still stage 235.


stop fighting becomes attack while attacking
seems to happen when im not looking


leveling fast makes pressing buttons impossible (wight build with 50 souls)


Seems like offline Skeleton generation is not working for me.  Go offline for a day and Skeletons only grew 100m.  Online I generate 100m skeletons in like 10 seconds.

yeah, i think the grim reapers only update once you go online again


i wish i could disable the autospawning of types because it just slows down stage progression when you have 10 or so of random monsters that do no damage but still can't die because of defence levels vs a 23k stack of skeletons that also doesn't die but insta gibs a stack

i think the zombie's unique effect where it takes less damage depending on the stage is a bit bugged. even when no other units take damage, it at least takes 1-2 damage points per attack.


I feel like the unit skills (skeleton, zombie, wright ...) should buff the units specialty, maybe the zombie skill make zombies takes less damage while defending, or dragon takes no damage if it eliminates an ground enemy.

The current unit skill is identical for every unit, and I feel there is a lot of design space in that.

how we get morality points?


Higher stages give more souls (morality points) so reaching stage 200 would give you a handful of them by then ;)

ok thanks


honestly this would be a fantastic mobile game once you're finished with it, the resolution is already perfect, and it has idle and offline progress.

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I just started the game and have all of the achievements on the first row and over 15mil health, probably  a bug you should fix.


nvm just remembered I had the game running all night because I didn't have time to play and just shut my laptop.



I feel like there should be a way to speed up the combat, maybe as a mastery upgrade or a trophy reward (the kill 500 k enemy one seem fitting) that can be toggled on and off.


I said the same thing!

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Yep, I actually up voted your comment. Guess my small brain forgot that


And also, the percentage progress below the units seem unnecessary when we get more than 1 unit per second. It goes up so quickly it is impossible to read anyway.

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OK BIGGGG TIP: If you want to upgrade something on mastery UPGRADE WIGHT FIRST. I am LVL 124k or something due to wights. and I have sooooo many upgrade points! Over 90 000

P.S. Not mastery, Mortality


god I love the offline progression. you leave and forget about the game and then come back and you have over a million  each


for me, I get like 500 billion for skeletons and 100 B for wights and the rest around 500M.


if this gets 25 upvotes, I will try to get all the achievements in one day(starting tomorrow)

Tier 1,2,3 all?well…best of luck on that bet you won’t get above tier 2 XDD


With enough skeletons, anything is possible



You should put in a skill to increase the chance of getting souls

Other than that, great game.


great game

Any hint on how to get the secret trophies? I tried making my units red - orange - yellow - green - blue - violet for "the rainbow" but didn't work D:


There are some tips here - ;) 


Yo, you should add a way to speed up the game while battling. It would make things a lot faster. Just a suggestion, do it if you want to. Thanks!  


cool game bruv

how do you get souls


You get souls in-game. when you complete a battle there is a chance to get a soul based on the battle stage (stage #50 has a higher chance than stage #20 {50>20}). I hope this was helpful for you and others.

how do i go back to slashing lol

what do you mean slashing? :D

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so I had a bunch of tabs open right... This game was next for me to play. I open up the game and there was this character that you play as and you have to dodge enemies and sprint attack to kill them. When I died, it brought me to the normal screen with the skulls. I have been going insane because I have absolutely no clue what it was. I could barely sleep last night. Please help me figure this out!!!

Great game btw.

Edit: I know it was something like "_____ Inc."

Oh, I've played that game... I believe it's called Mobs Inc. by Overboy?


in the next update can you make necromancy with separate units scale with LvL?


I think it already does to some extent :) 


The new update rocks




Is it fitting that the Reaper did 666 damage




Exactly my type of game!!


good game

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